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Article 1: request

Any request should be sent ideally by email. It can also be discussed over the phone.

Article 2: cost estimate

After a request is received, Sylvie Jeandet (SJScribe) evaluates the work and cost. A cost estimate is submitted by email, or by regular mail. The quote mentions price, deadline, payment terms and all other conditions agreed with the Client.

Article 3: agreement

Agreement with the terms specified on the cost estimate shall be confirmed in writing by the Client – adding “Agreed and signed”, the date and a signature directly on the quote. Once signed, the cost estimate shall be sent back to SJScribe by email or regular mail. A down payment of 30% is requested once a cost estimate is accepted (wire transfer).

Article 4: payment

Payment shall be made by the due date agreed by SJScribe and the Client and no later than 30 days from the date of the invoice. Delayed payment will be subject to interest rates commonly applied in France. Payment shall be done by wire transfer to a bank account provided by SJScribe or via Paypal. Any banking fees applicable in this case shall be taken care of by the client.

Article 5: delivery

The order will be delivered within the timeframe mentioned on the cost estimate, ideally by email, or by regular mail. However, this deadline may be postponed due to the down payment being late or exceptional circumstances (accident, sickness, serious private problem, etc.). In that last case, SJScribe shall notify the Client immediately. Force Majeure shall entitle both SJScribe and the Client to withdraw from the agreement, however, any work already completed is due.

Article 6: agreement with the general terms and conditions

Signature of the cost estimate implies acceptation of these general terms and conditions. In case of dispute, the cost estimate, the general terms and conditions and a copy of already completed work will serve as proof of the agreement between SJScribe and the Client.

Article 7: invoicing

SJScribe shall send an invoice for all completed jobs by email or regular mail (VAT shall not be charged as per Art. 293B of the French tax Code).

Article 8: submission of information and material

The Clients shall provide all necessary information and material to ensure high quality work and satisfaction of the Client’s needs. In case these elements shall be submitted late or shall not be sufficient, SJScribe cannot be held responsible for the delay of the final delivery. Any changes in the material after submission to SJScribe may be subject to additional fees.

Article 9: Client’s liability

The client is fully responsible for all information and material submitted to SJScribe.

Article 10: misuse or amendements made to delivered work

SJScribe cannot be held responsible for misuse of the work that has been delivered to the Client or of any change made by the Client after delivery.

Article 11: liability

SJScribe is not liable for losses of profit and turnover ensuing from his possible defaults suffered by the Client.

Article 12: cancellation

Cancellation by the Client shall be notified to SJScribe as soon as possible and minimum 15 days before the expected delivery date for bigger jobs. Work that is already completed is due.

Article 13: dispute

These terms and conditions apply under the French law. Any dispute shall be settled in the court of Chambéry, Savoie, France.

Article 14: price changes

SJScribe rates are free and can therefore be changed without notification. However, prices mentioned on an agreed cost estimate shall not be modified.

Article 15: confidentiality

Any conversation, information shared by the Client and work provided shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to third-parties without authorisation of the Client, unless requested to do so by law.